Not much to see here for now as I'm participating in National Novel Writing Month for 2015. In a few days, however, it will be December, which is National Put The Novel Down And Rejoin The Human Race Month. I plan to continue the habit of daily writing, however, and this space will hopefully bear the brunt of that force, and the fruits of that labor.

What do I want to fill this blog with? Not sure yet. Article ideas, character sketches, bit of micro fiction, or just scraps of things that will hopefully become bigger ideas. Let me know what you want to see!

The novel I'm working on is the one of four ideas for NaNoWriMo that actually got traction and began to flow, so that's the winner. The other three need more time in the workshop, so you may see some of that work here. I hope so.

Back to the keyboard, there are chapters that need finishing. Until December!