Everyone has something to say about the new Star Wars movie. Many of them are smarter than I am, and have seen it enough times to pull some nuance out of it. Go read their articles, I'll wait.

I've seen it once as of this writing, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a Star Wars movie, in a way the prequels were not, and I loved the ride. I have problems with parts of the film, but I can honestly say they didn't bother me until after the movie was over.

What I want to talk about regarding Star Wars is my Father. He took me to see A New Hope at the Capitol Theatre in Newton, Iowa. A small, one screen theater built in 1927. Less-than-ten year old me was enthralled. I saw it fourteen times. Dad took me most of those times. Science Fiction isn't really his thing, and I took me years to appreciate the patience he has shown me throughout my life.

Well, the Capitol Theatre is still there on the square in Newton, and it is showing The Force Awakens. It's not in 3d, or IMAX. But the Capitol has something no other theater does--my history with my dad. So we're going to see it together this Holiday weekend. It's going to be amazing in entirely new ways for me.